Seminar and meeting of the national network «Spaces and places for children”

By Aslaug Andreassen Becher, HiOA

Thursday 27 October at the University of Oslo and Akershus, Campus Bislett


The 27. october  25 enthusiastic people who in different ways relate to the national research network «Spaces and places for children” gathered at Oslo and Akershus University College.  Most of the participants were already members of the network and some became members after this happening. The participants come from different academic institutions in Norway (DMMH, HiVe, UiA, HiT, Diakonhjemmet Stavanger).  Of special interest and pleasure in this seminar was that senior lecturer Alison Clark from the Open University in UK  would spend the day and evening with us. Additionally she would give an open lecture at the hosting institution.

The program committee, Thomas M, Else C M and Aslaug A B (local organizer)  had set up  a program where researchers from most of the  institutions would give small project statuses or presentations from their works at the moment.

After the presentations a network meeting was planned. Most of the participants in the seminar attended this meeting. The agenda was: Homepage/blog – how does it function and how to develop it further; possibilities for joint research applications and research projects; next seminar and meeting; criterias for membership (ref. separate summary).

The presentations, the lecture and the discussions both in the seminar and  in  the meeting gave a lot of  inspiration to keep up the good research which is ongoing in all represented institutions, develop the field of “Spaces and places for children”  further both nationally and internationally,  letting enthusiasm  push forward projects that are both interdisciplinary in its character and   transgress  institutional membership and supporting each other in deverloping of this field.

1015 – 1035 Institution I: Vestfold University College:

Thomas Moser: Kindergarten space – materiality, learning and meaning  making; a brief   project status

Anne Lise Nordbø: A Scenic and Scenographic Playground. A crossover between a theater performance event and a playground for toddlers. How can preschool teachers embody materiality in a space, so that toddlers inter-act?

1040 – 1100 Institution II: Queen Maud University College

Monica Seland: The modern child and the flexible kindergarten. An ethnographic  study of daily life in kindergarten.

Atle Krogstad and Ellen Beate Hansen Sandseter: A methodological experiment of studying places for children.

1105 – 1115  Agder University

Merete Lund Fasting: We play outdoors! A  phenomenological study of play and places to play outdoors.

1120 – 1130 Oslo University College

Bente Fønnebø og Christian Nordahl-Rolfsen: Childrens social participation and creative transformation: “changing places and spaces in the kindergarten” – a view into the research project: “Unused areas”.

1135 – 1155   Telemark University College

Inger Birkeland: Place pedagogy and learning environments/landscapes – a brief project status.

Inger Birkeland: Cultural sustainability in the past, present and future. Casestudy in cooperation with 8th grade in Notodden primary school.

1200 – 1245 Lunsj

1245 – 1345 Lecture / Senior Lecturer Dr Alison Clark:

Telling the quiet  Stories: Younger and older narratives of school.

Related paper:
Clark, Alison (2010). ‘In-between’ spaces in postwar primary schools: a micro-study of a ‘welfare room’ (1977-1993). History of Education, 39(6), pp. 767–778.

1345 –  1400 Break

1400 – 1445  Discussion, summary, conclusions ..

1500 – 1800 Referat fra nettverksmøte 271011.

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